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      2月9日,英国BBC网站刊发了《Chinese 'first' for Scottish games industry》一文,报道了天象互动进军海外的又一重大举措——爱丁堡工作室的成立。据悉,天象互动是第一家进军苏格兰游戏行业的中国公司。



Chinese mobile games firm Skymoons has launched a studio in Edinburgh, with plans to create an initial 21 highly-skilled games development jobs.

It is thought to be the first time a Chinese company has invested in the games industry in Scotland.

The new studio, which will be led by former Reloaded Productions managing director Michael Boniface, plans to develop a multi-player online game.

Scottish Development International helped to facilitate the move.

Mr Boniface said: "The establishment of Skymoons' new studio in Scotland is a game changer, and an exciting opportunity for those who make up the strong resource of locally-based talent.

"I am very pleased to be representing Skymoons in this venture and will be recruiting new staff shortly, aiming for all 21 jobs to be filled by the end of June."

First established in Chengdu, Skymoons Digital Entertainment Co is an established publisher of mobile games in China. It is looking to expand in the global digital entertainment market.

'Very welcome'

Business and Innovation Minister Paul Wheelhouse said: "This is a great example of international investment in Scotland's growing digital economy and a good example of Scottish Development International support.

"Scotland is known around the world for our dynamic and successful creative industries - having produced some of the best known and bestselling games in the world.

"This investment will help create a very welcome outcome for Edinburgh's games development sector. 





据悉,前Reloaded Production董事总经理Michael Boniface,将领导该团队开发一款多人在线手机游戏。

Mr. Boniface说道:“天象互动爱丁堡工作室的成立将改变苏格兰游戏行业的格局,对于拥有大量专业人才的苏格兰来说,无疑是个好消息。”




     苏格兰商业与创新部部长Paul Wheelhouse说道:“这是苏格兰日益增长的数字经济成功吸引国际投资的好例子,也是苏格兰政府支持国际项目投资的典范。”